5 Places to Take Your Kitvision Escape Action Cam



We asked our in-house globetrotter Victoria where she’d take the new 4K Kitvision Escape Action Cam. So here she presents five of her favourite worldwide destinations for action-packed adventures worthy of capturing on camera, as well as some a little closer to home.

Biking on the "World’s Most Dangerous Road", Bolivia

It’s given this ominous title for a reason, and the World’s Most Dangerous Road (otherwise known as the Yungas Road) is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Equipped only with a mountain bike and helmet, you’ll wind down the narrow, bumpy slopes of the Andes, teetering close to the edge of an eye-wateringly steep drop. As you can imagine, with the Kitvision Action Cam you can capture some incredible footage that's worth playing back again and again – even if it's just to impress your friends with your bravery.

Too far to travel? There are miles of great mountain bike trails in the UK, all the way from Scotland to the suburbs of Surrey. Try the stony Nan Bield Pass, Lake District, for great valley views.


Sandboarding in the Huacachina Desert, Peru

You’ve heard of snowboarding, but sandboarding takes the extreme sport to the sandy slopes of the desert. After a hair-raising ride in a sand buggy, you’ll begin gliding at high speeds down the slopes, and with the cam mounted to your helmet, you can capture the whole scene in glorious 4K resolution. With the bright blue skies and orange sands, you’re sure to get an impressive snapshot worth holding onto.

Too far to travel? For snowboarding closer to home, you can practise on indoor slopes at activity centres around the UK.

Surfing off the coast of Sydney, Australia

As it’s 100% waterproof, the Kitivision Action Cam is fully equipped to take on the splashes of surfing – even if you fall off the board. The clear waters and sandy shores of Australia’s numerous surfing spots are perfect for capturing some great footage. It takes practice, but once you’ve paddled out and clambered onto the board, you’ll find it’s a skill you want to master.

Too far to travel? A little cooler than the Pacific but a great thrill nonetheless, there are some top surfing spots not far from your doorstep. Head down to Cornwall or Portsmouth with a board and a wetsuit to catch the big waves.

Ziplining above the Inca jungle, Peru

Set up with five zip lines at 150m above the ground, ziplining in the jungles of Peru is sure to give you an adrenaline rush you won’t forget. You can attach the cam to your helmet or harness to capture the high speeds and incredible views over the forest canopy. And for the really brave, there’s a chance to try the upside-down monkey position.

Too far to travel? Go Ape has activity centres dotted around the UK, each with its own series of obstacle courses and zip lines set up among the trees – great for challenging a group of friends.

Skiing the slopes of Val Thorens, France

Take your Kitvision along on your mountain adventures and you’ll be able to relive the rush of speeding down the ski slopes. Once you’ve taken the lift up to the top and taken in the spectacular views, you’ll be ready to take on the course – and with the camera mounted to your helmet, you’ll never miss a second. It’s a great idea to pair up with a friend with another camera to get some great footage of your own tricks and jumps. Val Thorens in France is my favourite spot, but you'll find hundreds of great skiing destinations across the Alps, all within a two-hour flight.

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