After our fabulous photoshoot with the wonderful Lucy Watson, we wanted to find out the more ‘important’ issues in Lucy's life behind the scenes. Here are her Q and A’s in our quick fire Lucy Watson low-down!

Miss B: Who are your favourite male celebrities?

Lucy: Brad Pitt, Heath Ledger, Theo James, and Tyson Beckford.

Miss B: What’s your favourite emoji?

Lucy: The Granny.

Miss B: Are you a Belieber?

Lucy: I like his songs, but not really, no.

Miss B: You looked in great shape on our shoot, what’s your usual exercise routine?

Lucy: At the moment I'm doing yoga a few times a week and eating a healthy diet to stay in shape.

Miss B: What are your essentials for a girl’s night in?

Lucy: Blankets, pyjamas, Krispy Kremes, reality tv/rom com, milkshakes.

Miss B: Are you a matching lingerie sets kind of girl?

Lucy: I didn't used to be but since the shoot I've dabbled here and there.

Miss B: For special occasions do you prefer to wear cute chic lingerie or something a bit more sophisticatedly sexy?

Lucy: I think I'm more the cute chic vibe, don't like feeling too grown up.

Miss B: When it comes to everyday underwear do you go for comfort or confidence?

Lucy: A bit of both is ideal.

Miss B: Can you trust your boyfriend with the task of choosing you a Valentine’s lingerie/nightwear set?

Lucy: Yes, he's got great taste!

Ps… If you were wondering what our made in Chelsea favourite is sporting this valentine’s we found out!

Lucy: I like the red and black Gwyneth set with the waspie – which I’ve never worn before – for Valentine’s Day! Red and black are the sexiest colours in my eyes!

Behind closed doors our Made in Chelsea favourite loves doughnuts, reality tv and comfy knickers!

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Love Miss B x

Ps.. Stay tuned for more exclusive pictures!

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